Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The best friend contract

1. I promise to listen to my best friend.
(Even it's about weird stuff)

2. I promise to keep in touch with my best friend constantly.

3. I promise to be there when my best friend needs me.

4. I promise to be honest at all times with my best friend.

5. I promise never to keep anything from my best friend.
(Unless it's a surprise party for her/him)

6. I promise to help my best friend grow into a better person.

7. I promise to set aside school work and myself when my best friend has problems and needs to talk.

8. I promise to always let my best friend be the first to know everything and anything.

9. I promise to laugh WITH, not AT, my best friend.
(Unless she/he does something really stupid and funny)

10. I promise never to do anything to screw up our friendship.


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